The mammy of comedy, Mrs. Brown, is inviting the nation round to her house for a brand new Saturday night TV show, All Round to Mrs. Brown’s.

The hugely popular Mrs. Brown’s Boys cemented its status as the nation’s favourite sitcom by winning the Radio Times Most Popular 21st Century Sitcom poll and the National Television Award for Comedy. Now BBC brings fans a new series with Agnes Brown and all the Mrs Brown’s Boys favourites.

Agnes is about to fling open the door of her very familiar family home, as mammy makes mischief with celebrity guests, including Pamela Anderson, Judy Murray, Louis Walsh and music from James Blunt. There are surprise audience shenanigans and outrageous stunts, all in front of a live studio audience… what could possibly go wrong?!

Featuring the newest family member, Chef Aly cooking up a storm and live music in Foley’s Bar, it’s a recipe for the perfect night in!

The six-part All Round to Mrs. Brown’s will be simulcasted with the BBC on RTÉ One this Saturday at 9.15pm.